Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Welcome to the new blog! (Llama)

Hi all,

Last night Paca and I, being of sound mind and questionable body, decided in our infinite obtuseness that we should merge our respective blogs into one. And so we launch the start of something so magnificent, so grand, so earth shaking-ly important that American community discourse will never be the same again!

And yet the world continues to spin... the leaves outside my window still flitter in the breeze. No cars are pulling into the driveway seeking to learn more about this important development. The universe is unphased.

Practically speaking, what is this all about?

Well, Paca and I have been close friends for literally as long as I can remember. We share many of the same beliefs, taste in music and movies, and sense of fairness and social justice. We are both probably more academic than business in nature, though Paca has pursued that much more rigorously than I have. In short, we are very much alike.

However, we also have very different life experiences. We have very different areas of expertise. When put in similar situations, Paca and Llama have often made different decisions. Even though we are both camelids, he's soft and furry while I tend to spit alot :)

The point is that we share enough in common that we can compliment each other's writings while also being divergent enough to bring multiple points of view to a discussion. Ideally, for the reader, and for us, this will end up being a blog where multiple topics are presented and discussed thoughtfully between friends, as opposed to the rancorouse "debate" that passes as discourse in most web forums today. Personal updates from Bangkok and Hawaii will be presented along side linguistic brainstorms, political commentary, sports talk, illustrations of poverty, and whatever else strikes our fancy. It will be a cacophony of topics.

So, in short, welcome to the new blog.

"We just like to dance in our Goat Skin Pants."

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