Friday, December 09, 2005

10 pages

I remember being in 11th grade AP American history. We had to write a 10 page paper for the class which was the first long research paper we had ever written. My topic was the battle of Vicksburg in the Civil War. We worked on that paper for at least two terms, researching, turning in outlines, turning in drafts until the day of doom. Such a big task. Grad school is here now and things have changed. My time is 11:28 PM. I have a 10-15 page paper that I haven't started writing yet. Not a word. It's due tomorrow. 40% of the grade and all that.

Here's my caffeine-induced academic tribute to the Blues Brothers.

I've got the Mac powered up and the chair comfy. Pepsi to my right. Reeses to my left. I'm wearing my John Deere boots and the Titans jersey. Puffy Amiyumi is in the CD Player and a mile-high stack of articles by my side.

Hit it.

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Sammy Jankis said...

It's amazing how that works. In high school, it took me pulling an all nighter to write a 1,000 word paper. By the time I finished 6 years of undergrad and a masters degree, I was pulling an all nighter to write a 25 page paper. The only constant here was that I always waited until the night before it was due to start.