Monday, December 05, 2005

Final Run (paca)

So, this is the last week of classes as well as the week in which all the articles have to be ready for publication in the journal. Here's what I have to do:

Make final changes to 2 manuscripts, send to Web Manager
Make changes to column, send to Web Manager
Copy edit two reviews, send to authors for edits
Accept changes for all reviews, send to Web manager
This Wednesday, turn in a review of the phonology of Karao (Phillipines)
Friday, turn in my paper surveying the motivations for sound change in the world's languages
Wednesday week - turn in my paper on intonation in political speech
Thursday week - turn in my paper on linguistic nativism.
Some time in that week, take a phonology exam
Some time in that week, take a historical linguistics exam.

I guess that's not as abysmally difficult as it seemed a few minutes ago. And, in the final reckoning, it's not as if any of it is really all that important. The items I really care about are the intonation and nativism papers, as those are the places where I am really doing research. Everything else is just a class item to check off. Once the semester wraps up next week, I will take a couple days off (or more), and then I must continue working on the journal and studying for my prelim exams (the first big test in the doctoral program to make sure you know the basics) and a morphology exemption exam. Ok, off to copy edit a review. Today's goal: copy edit the reviews, submit one more final ms to Web Manager, do a good chunk of reading for the sound change paper. Off I go.

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Sammy Jankis said...

What exactly is it that you are studying? Linguistics?