Friday, December 16, 2005

Fox News is a plague on our community

This is in today's Tennessean (a Nashville-based newspaper):

Christmas or Holiday Tree?

The journalist, for whatever reason, has bought hook, line, and sinker into the mythical "War on Christmas" that is being promoted by the Faux News journalists. I'm talking about you, Bill O'Reilly, and you, John Gibson.

The "War on Christmas" is not just some harmless ratings grabber. It is indicative of the kind of divisive tripe that these people put on a consistent basis out in an effort to attract viewers. They appeal to American's sense of moral outrage (of which we have an abundance) in order to pit one segment of society against another. This Tennessean article talks about how the Metro government received 170 complaints about their "Holiday Tree", some as far away as California. I wonder how people thousands of miles away could have learned what Metro was calling it's tree? If Metro wants to promote their "Holiday Tree", what business is it of anyone else? The city had for years and years done this, presumably without any complaint from local citizens. But now that Fox News is filling people's minds with this divisive rhetoric, all of sudden there's an outrage.

The article starts out detailing how a local teacher has decided to cancel his annual Christmas/Holiday party for fear of offending someone. This is your work, Bill O'Reilly. Citizens of Franklin are complaining because the city put a banner that reads "Season's Greetings" instead of "Merry Christmas." How absurd is that? It's because of you, John Gibson.

Stories like this only add fuel to the fire. It's irresponsible journalism. How does the reporter know that citizens of Franklin are "irked"? How many? Who are they? How do they express there irkiness? Are there any that aren't "irked"? Who knows? The reporter certainly doesn't say... s/he would apparently prefer to appeal to the same emotional level that O'Reilly does... facts are purely optional.

It talks about Bush "wading into the fray" by sending out cards wishing a "happy holiday season", "disappoint[ing] conservative christians." Newsflash! Bush didn't wade anywhere... he simply followed Whitehouse tradition, in which every Pres since Ronald Reagan has sent out "holiday greetings." Finally the artical closes with a quote from a school principal, remininincing about a "simpler time", when kids called their December celebrations "Christmas parties" and not just "parties". Oh the humanity!

Why does it matter a hill of beans how Wal-Mart, Metro-Nashville, or Ron Jeremy's House of Porn wishes good will to others? Aren't we all just trying to be kind to each other, enjoy the season, visit with family, and celebrate what's important to us in our communities? Can't we do that without having some looney blow-hard with a TV show criticize us for it? Without having that same guy start a culture war between neighbors while he sits on his ever growing pile of money in his Atlanta penthouse? Wish me a Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza, Happy Channukah. Heck, last year I was wishing people Happy Festivus! Does that mean I'm out to destroy Christams? Let's come back to reality.

Thupity Thupt Thupt
Thupity Thupt Thupt


sr said...

And - do you have your Festivus pole up yet?

pacatrue said...

It's Merry Festivus, you god-hating bastard.

Happy Festivus indeed.

kristybox said...

I wonder if Alan knows how Ron Jeremy wishes a Merry Christmas. I bet he does. I'll have to ask.

Sammy Jankis said...

Ron Jeremy plants his Festivus Pole half-cocked and shouts out, "OOOOHHHHH BABBBYYYYY! YEAH!". 'Cause you wanted to know.