Thursday, December 22, 2005

General life update (paca)

So the last paper was Friday and I am now done, sort of, with school. I managed to get the proper grade on everything, so I guess the term was successful from that perspective, but I was doing everything so last minute this term that I need to improve things. I never even read one paper. The first draft was the only draft. Since the thing was written usually at 3:00 AM who knows what I wrote.

In other news, B is obsessed with the old Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer cartoon. He's on his 3rd straight viewing of the Destiny's Child Rudolph bonus feature.

Anyway, so now I am on pseudo-vacation. I still go in each morning to work on the journal whose next issue publishes on January 2. In the afternoon, I am supposed to be vacationing, and I'm doing OK with that, but 2 days in a row now I have gone to the mall to see Narnia and been late. Maybe on Thursday. Pretty much this week is the only vacation. I take my 4-day prelim exams on the 3-6th, so I have to start studying for those. And I take the morphology exemption exam on the 9th, so I have to study for that. And I want to submit my intonation paper to the international music psychology conference. The abstract is due on the 31st. So pretty much tomorrow is my last vacation day. Oh well. It's been good.

I'm complaining too much. B just came over to sing Jungle Boogie to me. Life is fine.

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The Divine Miss M! said...

Happy New Year! And all the best with this new "home"

*Miss M bearing virtual housewarming gift*