Friday, December 30, 2005

More videos

So, I wasted some time browsing the videos from the site of the rap. Here are some links:

Try to ignore the annoying audience laughter and the obvious staging. I still think their dance moves are crazy delicious.
Korean dancing

And this guy is so going to kill himself, but his stunts are amazing. I didn't know humans could do this without wires.
Urban ninja

Since I am in Hawaii I can appreciate this more. Holy crap, that's a monster wave.
Eddie would go

OK, this one is amazing to me as the old lighting techie. It's dancing Christmas Lights! How did they do it? Is everything on dimmer boxes with a lighting control board, or did they run around for hours and hours unplugging each item in a totally scripted maner. Either way I am impressed.
Hmmm I read the comments on this one and it looks like he did use a lighting board. I once had some Xmas lights for a show hooked into my lighting system for a play. Do I get any credit for that?

The Muppets!! Mahnamahna
Muppets forever!!

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