Friday, December 02, 2005

Paca: courses coming up

Well, annoyingly enough, right in the middle of this semester's final week of classes they make you sign up for the next round. This is what I know so far:

Optimality Theory - it's basically the hot theory in phonology (sound systems of languages) so I have to take it as a budding phonologist.

Field Methods - This is where I learn how to go out "in the field" and document a language. About camera use, recording use, eliciting useful data, storing it, asking the right questions, ethics of gathering data, etc. So if I go to document Sibe Manchu in northwestern China, I would use those skills.

Psycholinguistics - basically the study of language using the methods of experimental psychology. I will be reading research papers and critiquing their methodoogy and such, as well as learn how to do my own experimental design.

After this it is up in the air.
Possibility One: Morphology (words) - This is a required course, which I take unless I exempt out.
Possibility Two: Behavioral Neuroscience - intro course on the topic from the psych department.
Possibility Three: Fiction Writing (Plot) - just for the fun of it.
Possibility Four: Emergentism and Minimalism in Syntax - a seminar on ummm syntax and how grammars can be described through small constraints, kind of. This is a course that ties into the whole tense/subject paper I have been working on for this semester - a problem I still haven't solved by the way. This could be a good course, but it is at the same time as the Field Methods course which is required.

We will see.

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-E said...

i had to take linguistic anthropology for my degree. it was really interesting and helped a good bit in my other foreign language classes. although it less helpful for my current language pursuit, sign language.