Monday, December 12, 2005

Wedding oops (paca)

So my office is right next to the Korean Studies building, which is this beautiful replica of a traditional Korean palace. As I was walking back from the library just now, I passed a young couple and their photographer taking pictures in front of it. He appeared to be in his dress uniform. I am not sure of the exact military branch, but it was a khaki with a dark black beret. Very dashing. She was in a slender pure white thing with long arms and very simple fall. No obvious beading and the like. The bride-to-be held a small bouquet of flowers.The photographer was positioning them in front of a rock that is inscribed with a dedication in Korean. I am guessing that these were the pre-wedding photos because they would not have time on the day when everyone else arrived. The only problem with this lovely scene was that her dress was so simple and slender and pure that it was largely transluscent. From 50 feet away her underwear was showing quite clearly. I can tell you it was white as well and if my wife didn't read this blog, I would go on about the cut. (Yes, I did keep walking.) Now, I am sure her groom appreciated the look quite a lot, what with the wedding night not far off, but I have a feeling she is going to be a little surprised when she sees the wedding photos in a couple weeks. Hopefully for her there will be less light when the ceremony kicks off.


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Sammy Jankis said...

A good photographer can take that right out of the photo!