Friday, January 06, 2006

15 hours down 9 more to go (paca)

Woo-hoo! Over half way done with the old Prelim exams. It's not completely clear what they are prelim too, since I only have a semester or two more of classes. There's another nasty test before the dissertation - the comprehensives - so it's all very unclear. Actually, amusingly, the comprehensives are a detailed test on 3 topics of my choosing, while the prelims are about almost anything having to do with linguistics. I think we all need to go look up these words again. The prelims aren't very preliminary and the comps aren't very comprehensive. And we study linguistics?


sr said...

I saw your Dad on New Year's Eve at a big blow-out in Extension!
He looked pretty snazzy in his tuxedo. I took the opportunity to let him know all he was missing out on by not reading your blog.

And where oh where is the Llama???

pacatrue said...

My father informed me that he spent some time making fun of the llama and I, I believe "weird" was the key term, and that you stuck up for us. So thanks!

naughtyloki said...

I know the llama. I can't believe that anyone would poke fun at him, and the use of the term "weird" simply boggles the mind.