Thursday, January 26, 2006

Fair Weather Sports Reporter (paca)

I am not a good fan of most sports, because I don't take losing very well. Now, I'm not like a crazy Vandy fan I once worked with who would be morose for days (yes, you SEC people, a Vandy football fan who had a tough time with losses; I think that is the definition of masochist.). But I can be grumpy for a few hours when a bunch of guys I have never met lose in a game to a bunch of other guys I have never met. As Seinfeld said in some sketch, "We cheer for laundry." I really only like winning, and I only talk about sports when "I" am. For instance, when the Titans were in their SuperBowl run and playoff-caliber days, I was reading message boards, subscribing to Titans sites, etc. Now that we suck, I check the score the next day, periodically put on my Eddie George jersey, and do my best to avoid any discussion of them.

All that was said to explain why I am about to do Sports Reporting on here again. What exactly?

The Nashville Predators beat the Red Wings, the Red WINGS!!!, twice in the last two nights to take a tie for first place in the Western Conference (with the Red Wings). YIPPEEEE!!!

The lowly Predators who were supposed to be a model of failing NHL franchises are leading the entire Western Conference in points. I am in dancing a little jig as we speak in my mind.

If the Predators lose tomorrow? You won't hear a word.

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