Monday, January 02, 2006

New year's eve pluses and minuses (paca)

Not a bad New Year's Eve really. There were good and bad things.

Good: I spent almost the whole weekend with N and B, which is good. I usually go to the office on Sundays so this is a change.
Bad: Fireworks outside the windows until at least 2:30 AM. Especially, I have to say "down with Chinese tradition" here. So many gigantic strings of firecrackers going off that lasted for ever.

Bad, I guess: We didn't do anything in particular for New Year's Eve. We could have paid $250 a person and gone to a hotel ball but we did not.
Good: This may sound weird but this was the first year I didn't bother staying up for some ball dropping somewhere. I always stay up to midnight to ring the New Year in, but this time we all just went to bed. Or tried to with the fireworks going off. It was a liberating experience. Apparently, holidays are not obligatory. You don't have to observe them. It is OK to go to bed if you are tired. Next thing, someone will tell me that I don't have to eat turkey on t-giving. Yah, right! (Actually, we had a yummy salmon in hollandaise with asparagus for Xmas eve.)

And I don't believe I've ever made New Year's resolutions, so let's give it a go. Let's see. How about less soda yet again. Yeah, that's good. That resolution is so good I plan on making it again next year.

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