Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Now, only at the end, do I understand (paca)

The beast is released. The issue for the journal that I have been working day and night on, literally, is published. It's largely over, as far as I am concerned. Long live the issue! It's a full 139 pages of nasty academic editing. I had no idea.

Now, would you like to know how I will spend my next 4 days?
Tuesday 8-11 Test
Tuesday 1-4 Test
Wednesday 8-11 Test
Wednesday 1-4 Test
Thursday 8-11 Test
Thursday 1-4 Test
Friday 8-11 Test
Friday 1-4 Test

That's right. I will be taking tests 6 hours a day for the next 4 days.

Grad school ist wunderbar. L'ecole est tres magnifique! Yanjiuxue hao ji le.
Guess which language isn't Indo-European. That's correct. It's German.

tee hee hee

I'm becoming delusional.




And, no, I don't speak German.

Or French.

Or Chinese really.

With the liberal typos in my blog entries - and for an editor! - I am a little iffy on the language of the Angles. Whatever happened to Germanic Anglia. Is it still around? Saxony is still there. I bet Anglia is too. Maybe it is part of Denmark. And don't give me any of that East Anglia crap! That's freaking England! I want me some land on the continent! If it wasn't ever ruled by the Holy Roman Emperor, it's crap!

That's the Big HRE, you know. Or as I like to call him Hray! Hip-hip-Hray! Hip-hip-Hray!

That's where it comes from. It was a traditional cheer for the HRE on Michael Mass. Just read old Jacob Grimm. He'll tell ya. Everyone wore little red riding hoods and gave cheers for the super cool, double hip, HRE.


Or was it Hree!? Damn, Great Vowel Shift! I curse you and all of your kind!

I'm done now.

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kristybox said...

I would never turn a brief into court with a typo. I would never write a blog without one. :)