Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Role models 2 - The Series (paca)

Back on November 16th on the pacatrue blog, I declared the intention to have a series highlighting very impressive people. The first one featured Harry Chapin, a songwriter and activist for feeding the hungry across the world. It's time for person #2, who is.... Jim Henson. I had been thinking about him for a while, then a big train of events happened to seal the deal. 1) I stumbled across the Mahnamahna video, which is linked below. I have always loved the Muppets and puppetry in general and within days I went out and bought the Muppet Show Season One on DVD. Reviews of it will follow. Then Jill mentioned Henson as one of her 10 Best Americans. Finally, Katze changes her blog template to feature the Swedish Chef, and it was a done deal. I have added several links to Henson related items.

Find out here about Jim Henson's life and projects.
And a longer bio here
Jim Henson keeps giving to us through supporting puppetry. http://www.hensonfoundation.org/
A wonderful, wonderful place in, of all places, Atlanta, Ga. Unfortunately, I have only made it one time, but if you are ever in Atlanta, look them up to see what they are doing. http://www.puppet.org/
You can find out a million things about the Muppets here at The Kermitage. And with a name like that, who wouldn't visit?

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