Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Woohoo Academic Excitement (paca)

I met with the professor that I did all my intonation research with today. I wanted to find out whether or not the paper I worked on last semester could be revamped into something submittable to a journal. One of her earliest comments was something like "I think the question is which journal you would like to submit to." Woo-hoo! I don't write utter and complete crap! It's nice to hear. Of course, it is a long way from hopeful comments from one of your own professors to actual publication, but still. At least she didn't say, "well, if you work on this and this for the next 5 years and cut this whole section that is completely unjustified, you might have something not wholly embarassing." That's closer to how I felt about it. You may wonder why I would get so excited about the mere prospect of a publication in an academic journal that no more than a few hundred people in the whole world will ever glance at. The first reason is that I have no sense of perspective and what is truly important in life. The second reason is that publications get you jobs, beginning and end of story. And I really didn't have in mind that N, B, and I would live the rest of our lives in a one bedroom apartment, chewing up the savings that my grandmother kindly gave to me several years back. The fact that I will be making about the same or less than I did before quitting my old job and going back to school is irrelevant, I'm sure.

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