Monday, February 20, 2006

Life update (Llama)

Hi everyone,

Well, I know I haven't been writing as much as I probably should. The fact is that there's not much to write about... or at least not much that moves me to write. I've established a status quo here in Bangkok and life doesn't vary much. It's a good life, I'm generally pleased, but not much excitement to write about.

I have a pretty great job... I usually wake up at 8, lay in bed till 8:30 watching CNN, then mosy into work by 9:30. Usually stay at work till about 6, at which time I either go home for an evening of HBO (if I'm being good) or head over to Gulliver's or Hillary Bar for a couple of beers and some pool. Rinse, wash, and repeat.

The program I'm writing for entering surveillance data in Bangladesh is finally coming together. I should have version one completed within two weeks. That doesn't mean my work with the program is done... version 1 will not contain the code for reconcilling double entered data or any reporting capability. But it will let the data enterers start, well, entering data. And I'm only 4 months behind schedule!

But that's one of the reason's I enjoy my work; I have relatively little pressure from my boss. There's alot riding on the success of this program, but Mike has been quite good about letting me get it right. Not that he had much choice in the matter... :)

Once the program is complete I'll head to Bangladesh again, and this time for at least a week, maybe two or three. Not looking forward to that. But I'll have to be on hand for a while when they start using the software. I'm sure they will turn up bugs and I'll need to fix them. I also have to get their networked configured in a way that we can access the survey data over the internet from here in Bangkok, as well as install and setup a Linux network, which I've never done before. And that's just the technical issues... then there's all the management issues to address. If I wanted to I'm quite sure I could have a professional position managing the data collection project, at least for a year. Mike has already agreed with me that we need someone there that reports directly to TASC. But that would require living in Dhaka... not an ideal residental environment.

Let's see... what else. Love life, nothing going on there. Next...

We have an intern in the office... this British kid that grew up in Hong Kong. His family is wealthy enough that he is basically working for us for free for 3 months. He is 22 and seems so young and naive in his outlook. Sitting next to him makes me feel old. And then there's Katie, a fellow from Australia. She's great and we get along very well... she and I are only about a month apart in age. She's definately the closest friend I've made since I've been here. She'll leave in April, unfortunately.

It's raining here now... the first rain in about 2 weeks. The city needs it... it was getting too hot. How long have I been here now? Almost a year, right? It's been good, very good. A shame I couldn't work things out with Jah, but that is my only regret.



Mom said...

Hi Tom, Good to hear from you. Glad to hear that the program you've been working on is comming together. It's been a big job for you. Something you've not done before. We're looking for Shannon,Kate and David to come up here this Fri. We have good snow, so skying should be good for them. I remember you and Paige and group playing in the snow last year! We all miss you. Good to know that you are o k and like your work. Love, Mom

Sexynerd9297 said...

YEAHNESS!!!!!!!!!! you are still with us! yeah, i'm glad things are going well! its nice when things come together. do you ever AIM or yahoo? mine is sexynerd9297