Thursday, February 09, 2006

Links added

So a bunch of links were added to the blog on the bottom right. Mostly friends or blogger friends of one of us along with some other web site - political and not - that the llama or paca periodically read. There are some other web sites I use a lot that aren't there. For instance, I sometimes go to a site called, let me look it up, uhhh Google. If you want me to add a link to that one too I can. And if you are not listed there, it's because you've been blacklisted pretty much. That list is exclusive to all and only the people we like. If you aren't there, we don't mind if you burn in hell for eternity.

Or that is was what I happened to think of in 10 minutes.


Christopher Robin said...

Thanks a lot for linking my blog (Chris) at least I assume you meant me, the url has the "c-h-r" rather than "c-r-h". I'm assuming you meant me since the other link is dead, so thanks a lot for including me.

pacatrue said...

Ahem. Whoever needed testing? What am I, a software support person? Well, I was.

Thanks for letting me know, Chris. I'll fix it.

N said...

By the way, Courtney's link disappears into the ether as well. Might want to check it too. Didn't it move recently.