Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Notes to self and others (paca)

Note to self: When submitting an article to a language teaching journal, don't have a typo in the name of the journal. Moreover, don't mispell the word grammar in the title of manuscript. It doesn't build confidence with the person who would be copy editing.

Note to llama: I am currently eating my Wensleydale cheese that I received for Valentine's Day.

"Oh! Well, I'll have some of that then."
"No, sir. Winsleydale, that's my name."
"Greek feta?"

Note to lawyers and lawyers to be: I have been hoping to write some musical essays that might involve posting 15 second musical clips to my web site. This is copyrighted material. Is it legal?


Christopher Robin said...

I don't know what's worse, your typos in the manuscript or my looking at the title of a published paper and realizing that I made a huge typo in the title...and nobody caught it!

What the hell is chemiluminescescent?

kristybox said...

Ha. See, you think that since you have lawyer-peeps who read your blog, we'll be able to help. I, for one, can help you to determine child support in Louisiana or help you avoid jail time. Copyrights? I try hard not to know!

pacatrue said...

For the record, they weren't my typos. I am the copy editor who wasn't impressed. The good news for the author is that a copy editor has essentially no say about the review or publication of an article.

Kristy, it's probably good that you didn't try to offer an opinion, because I probably can't afford to hear it yet. Would you bill me for the 2 minutes or is there a minimum 1 hour charge? Maybe I can handle 2 minutes.

katze said...

Well, us laywers-to-be can't offer any advice. But I CAN direct you to a very helpful website that might help you as much as it helped me when I took Copyright Law last year:


Also helpful: