Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Christmas trees

Back when I was in grad school the first time, this is the M.A. in philosophy from 94-96, N and I started a tradition of having home-made Christmas trees, as a way to save a bit of money compared to a real tree. We've had all sorts of trees. Tree made of wire coat hangers; tree made of long branches stuck into a bucket; a white sheet tree with ornaments; and at least three paper trees. I have put the pictures from the last two trees here. The palm tree one is 2005 and the other one is 2004, so these are the Hawai'i trees. I like the tradition quite a bit, but I admit it is easy for me. N is the creative one with her hands and eye, and she makes all of them. I did the lights this year.

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J said...

that's a great idea. thanks for posting the pictures, too.