Saturday, March 25, 2006

Guide to recent posts (paca)

I have published a good bit in the last few days, so here is my list of recent posts going back in time:

1) Views on chastity, sexual moraliy, Christianity, and government.
2) An article about not teaching evolution in biology class.
3) A review of my boarding school at reader request.
4) Boarding school and life habits
5) Mutual kissing
6) Pre-emptive war
7) My 3 year old who knows guitar riffs
8) Proof-reading English papers by non-native speakers

It's too much to read at once if you are behind, but you can check by every day or so and read one. I really do hope the first once on sexual morality is given a chance by many of you, even though it is long. When I was reading it, I had the feeling I was discussing things that are genuinely important to me, not just giving a little anecdote. But who knows. I wil say that I certainly do not agree with all of the views presented in that post, and some I agree with but do not live up to.

Have a good weekend everyone. Monday is Prince Kuhio day here, so I have off. Yippee.

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kristybox said...

I liked the morality post, but my postpartum brain couldn't say anything intelligent. Although I agree with Lewis, apparently, more than I would have thought. Well, not on the whole "obey" thing. ;)

But the boarding school post kicked butt.