Thursday, March 02, 2006

no carb paca

A couple days ago, N and I were eating dinner. We've been talking for, well, for years about diet and exercise, but perhaps we were in a little slump recently.

So I suddenly said, "hey, wanna do the South Beach diet together?"

I should emphasize that this is the only thought I put into it. I've also never gone on any diet with a name in my life.

"Sure," says N. "We should get the book and plan out what groceries we will buy. Maybe we will start next week?"

"Sounds good."

The next morning I happened to have some yogurt for breakfast and went into school. I was approaching the soda machine for my early morning fix (and I wonder why my diet isn't great?) and look at it and think, "Well, there's no reason I can't start early. I will still do the no carb thing with N when we get the book together."

So I choose the Diet Soda with no carbs.

Then I had to come up with a no carb lunch at the cafeteria. Chili and a banana. Now I need a snack. An apple. Now, it's dinner. A little piece of beef with sauteed onions, a whole head of brocolli, and this vegie soup N happened to make over the weekend.

It's been interesting. More than anything it makes me think about my food really for the first time in detail. I keep reaching for things and having to stop and think, "No, that's a carb, too." I've managed to keep it up through today. The main impact seems to be that I am slightly hungry all the time. Just ate today's apple and still hunfry. I am also eating more fruit as it's all I can think of to snack on. I know fruit has sugar in it, but I'm going with, "if it's natural sugar, like an apple or sweet onion, it's OK."

I still have no plan or purpose. We still haven't bought the book. I will probably quit whenever it gets boring. I figure that for the 2-3 weeks I have in mind, I am not going to harm myself. I am NOT planning on going Atkins-style high fat for a year, which obviously has other consequences.



Sexynerd9297 said...

i think i have the book and some other stuff for it if you want i could mail it to y'all, i will check tonight and see if i had it. dad and elanor have done it as well, they will have some great recipes too, you should call and ask them about it.

Sammy Jankis said...

Atkins doesn't have to be high fat, it's just okay to go high fat if you choose. I lost 145 lbs on it. K freaked out when I told her I was going on it but had to agree that the foods I ate post going on the diet were MUCH healthier than what I ate before. I ate a serving of meat at every meal (baked or grilled) and supplemented with a lot of vegetables. Now, the hard part is staying on it when you reach your goal weight. But, I've kept "almost" all of the weight off for two years now.

kristybox said...

I did have a fit when Alan suggested Atkins, but he really did do it healthy. No bacons dripping with butter for him. It's hard to argue with grilled chicken and broccoli as unhealthy. Shrug. I won't eat grilled chicken and broccoli, of course, but to each his own.

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