Friday, March 24, 2006

No science for you (paca)

This is a rather scary article. It's hugely long but worth reading. You can skim at parts and get the point, but the case does build through-out. So skip and read, skip and read. Basically, it is a long article about the lack of education in Arkansas about evolution. Essentially, many schools are pressuring their teachers just not to teach evolution so that they don't offend any parents and get sued. It's rather frightening that you can leave out the basic explanatory principle of biology in a biology class, but schools are doing so, so that they don't lose public support and get shut down, preventing them from doing everything else they do that is worthwhile. It actually reminds me that in 5th grade at least in the Boro at the public school, we said the Lord's Prayer every morning, lead over the intercom. I am sure every administrator knew it was illegal, but they were just going to keep doing it until they got caught. I don't know if they ever were. As far as I know, they are still leading children in prayer every day.


Christopher Robin said...

You really have to worry about a system whereby they are failing to teach such a fundamental issue in science. It would be the equivalent of teaching math but not teaching how to multiply.

I can understand how they may not want to offend the public, but at this rate I'd almost expect them to revert to teaching the kids that the Earth is the center of the universe.

More and more I'm becoming offended by the fact that this country is slipping into a totally theocratic state.

pacatrue said...

Well, the "good news" is that this this probably isn't that much of a change. The Louisiana school was secretly leading me in the Lord's prayer in 1983, and they are hiding evolution from their students in 2006. So I am not sure the USA is slipping into theocracy as much as trying to maintain how it was.