Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Ode to Paca (Llama)

So, of course, I've been absent from Blogging for a while... nothing new there. A definately post in spurts. I think the key to getting content from me is when I view writing selfishly... so that I'm writing things to preserve my own thoughts and experiences, not for others to read. Whatever, that's just an aside. The point is I've been absent for a while, but while I was gone Paca wrote several items. I just now read some of them and was once again struck, as I often am, by his intelligence and compassion.

I think Paca and I are about as similar in our moral code as any two people can be... and, I believe, have a similar natural intelligence. However the way we live our lives are very different. Paca has always been much more cautious than I. I remember, when we were kids, trying to talk him into playing basketball outside at a time when he, for whatever reason, was concerned about getting his knees skinned. Seems silly now, yes? It's just basketball. Then about 10 years ago we went skiing together; neither of us had done so before. We didn't take lessons but just rented some skiis and hit the bunny slope. I remember Paca very carefully and slowly going down the slope, while I raced at top speed. Then we progressed to the more advanced slopes, and Paca's control served him well while I promptly tripped, totally knocking my breath out. I was gasping, clutching my stomache, and lucky not to have broken anything, while he was still competently breezing down the slope. That cautiousness has served him well as an adult. My bravado seems a little silly now, no?

Likewise, Paca continues to stimulate his mind through frequently reading about philosophy, politics, music, history... whatever interests him. My prefered past time activities, by contrast, have focused more on computer games, movies, and other consumer-based recreation. And after 32+ years of this intellectual curiosity, my friend Paca is now showing the fruits of that by talking knowledgably, reasonably, and independently about a great many subjects. I admire him so much for that. He is the most well-read person I know, and also so humble. He is whip-smart, but has absolutely no sense of superiority about it. If anything I think his insecurities... which mimic mine, I believe, keep him realizing his true potential.

Anyway, after reading some of his recent posts I just wanted to state my admiration. His friendship is, without question, one of my greatest blessings.


pacatrue said...

You won't think me so humble when I rule the world and create an army of kangaroos. That's brass knuckle wearing, leather jacket toting, taekwondo master kangaroos, all being escorted by my wallaby cavalry driving tanks.

Thanks for the really nice post. I am doing my best not to write a really long response post about how much I suck and have duped you all. So I won't.

But I will say that it was really cool to hear your memories of past events and how different they are from my own. I do remember the basics just as you do, but with a twist. In the skiing, I remember you eventually getting faster and faster and I was getting jealous because you were already headed back up the lift when I got down there. As for basketball, I don't recall skinned knees excuses, but I believe you. I do remember that for a couple years inside or outside was the great fight between us. I never wanted to go out in the world, while you always did. I'm guessing I made up the skinned knees thing as one more excuse to stay out of the sun.

And don't worry people, I do go out some now.

Thanks again, llama.

Sexynerd9297 said...

i love you both so much! make me cry why don't you too. i'm just remebring thinking how cool you 2 were and i always wanted to be doing whatever y'all were doing, now i know that y'all are some of the coolest people ever and even though i don't always want be doing what y'all are doing, i'm so happy and pround of you both and say that y'all defianely showed me how to be a good person, receit monty python, and get down with the funk!