Monday, March 20, 2006

That's ma boy! (paca)

Ahh, the joys of fatherhood where I get to manipulate an innocent creature into being whatever I want.

So a few days back little B and I were dancing to the strains of Jungle Boogie from the Kool & the Gang House of Blues concert DVD. B has known Jungle Boogie for some time, so I am not bragging about that. No, it was after the 4th or 5th repetition that I went searching for some other song he might like, so I went to the third to last track. The little funk guitar riff starts and after just a couple measures B says, "ooh, Lady's Night." That's ma boy.


Sexynerd9297 said...

that is just the coolest kid ever! sorry benj, but so far, that puts your boy on top hunter.

J said...

that is so awesome.