Thursday, March 16, 2006

Where was the paca? (paca)

I am sure everyone has been wondering why the paca hasn't been writing. What could be going on in his life?

The answer: nothing

Or, basically, I have just been lazy on this blog for a few days. I have been up to things. Somehow I got in debates about the NSA wiretapping thing and abortion on a couple web sites. (The Moderate Voice and Donklephant, to be exact). So I guess all my blog passion has been poured that way.

I've also been working pretty hard on my paper that I want to get published. This is the one about using intonation to group and interpret sentences. I've spent an amazing amount of time concerned with the issue of trees versus grids versus brackets. It's just a notation to express what my research found, but the notation gives many different ways of understanding the topic, and they really aren't the same.

In other news, I think it was Monday night, we rented and watched Sky High. I chose it because I was trying to find a movie for a 3 year old and a 32 year old. I liked it far more than I had a right to. I can't exactly recommend it to others, as it was more like a guilty pleasure. Good would be a strong word. It was clearly written and directed by someone reliving their high school days in the mid 80s, not a current high school, and came complete with Spandau Ballet's True, playing every time one of the love interests came on the screen. It contained every single high school movie cliche of the time - from the ignored female best friend who was in love with the protagonist to the beautiful popular girl who seems to like the hero but is evil to the wild party thrown at the hero's house that he didn't plan. All set to music from 1985. It played rather like a John Hughes flick (Pretty in Pink, Breakfast Club), or even more the movie "Can't Buy Me Love".

Does anyone else remember that last movie? I thought it was awesome when I was about 12. It's the story of this averge boy who mows the lawn of the rich, beautiful cheerleader captain. In a party with her horrible popular friends, she spills something on her mother's suede vest. We've all had that problem, right? She needs to get a new one before her mom comes home, but it will cost $1000 dollars. Somehow, she is at the mall crying about it, and our hero offers her the money if she will spend a day with him at school. He will become popular if he is seen with her, he's sure. I have forgotten why our mower hero has a thousand dollars and rich cheerleader doesn't, but whatever. So they of course go out and she falls for him, and he does indeed become popular. Of course, in these movies, that means you become a jerk, and the two have a falling out. Finally, he realizes his horrible mistakes and they make up. I went raving about this movie to the llama, when we were 12 remember, as the best movie ever made. He thought it was so-so. I think I only liked the movie because 1) it was a fantasy of a geek becoming adored, and 2) I thought the girl was the greatest thing ever. I probably shouldn't confess to this, but I remember freeze-framing through shots of her in the movie, staring. Can I say that I was 12 again to make it better?

Anyway, Sky High is like those old movies redone, written for 10 year olds, and oh yeah, they have super powers.

By the way, if anyone is wondering where the llama is, I have no idea. I can tell you from the statcounter that no one is reading this blog from Thailand, so my guess is he's off in Bangladesh or something again.


Sexynerd9297 said...

"can't buy me love" i own that movie and love it! mmmm...patrick dempsy, does anyone remeber that was him in the movie? cause it so is!

Tony S. said...

In addition, the young female lead was Amanda Peterson. Quite the hottie-pie. I concur with the Paca's young adolescent fascination. She didn't do a whole lot after Can't Buy Me Love. Check her out on imdb. They actually had the nerve to remake this film with a "new hip-hop attitude" as Love Don't Cost a Thing.

kristybox said...

Boys are weird. I thought that when I was twelve, and Paca just made me think it again. :)