Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Who kissed who? (paca)

In my confessing your feelings blog entry, I had a couple comments from a husband / wife pair that most of you know. Well, unless this Sammy character is a role they play, where the husband pretends to be a handsome stranger, and not her husband. But I don't know them well enough yet to ask about that. Anyway, Kristy had one version of how they met:

"Alan had a different technique. Take a friend, convince her to lie down for a moment in your bed because there are no seats in your dorm room, and kiss her while she's unsuspecting and sleeping. Sneaky, but effective. Not recommended, though."

Sammy then has a slightly different version:
" That is NOT what went down!

Kristy's technique was to take a friend, confide about your fears of starting your first year of college, get emotionally worked up so that he invites you to stay until you feel better, stay so long that you both end up half asleep on the twin bed in the room, and kiss him while he's unsuspecting and sleeping."

This Roshomon story of theirs touched a nerve because it is similar to N and I. We were friends on the same floor first year of college, and, since we spent all our time together anyway, our friends hooked us up for the Screw Your Roommate dance. It was called Screw Your Roommate because your roommate was in charge of finding your date. Anyway, N and I went out to the dance together and, after the dance, we were walking back across the bridge to our dorm. We stopped for some sort of moment of doe-eyed staring and... a kiss happened. She swears I kissed her first. I swear she kissed me first. Anyway, the rest is history.

Incidentally, I set my roommate up with the woman he had been already seeing. Those two are married now as well. I can't tell you who kissed who first in that couple.

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kristybox said...

I hope we get to met you and N in person sometime. We seem to have a lot in common. (Of course, we'd rather hook up for dinner in Hawaii. But budgets as they are, call us whenever you happen to be in baton Rouge. :))