Friday, April 28, 2006

Actually making progress! (paca)

I had apparently not understood the course requirements for my program exactly right, because I thought that 3 courses I had taken did not count towards my 11 required courses for the degree. But, I just found out 5 minutes ago, they do! Which means in about two weeks, I will have taken all the courses I am required to take to get this doctorate thing. Now, this doesn't get me out of classes in practice. I still have to get through French. And I have to do a working paper. And, moreover, I have to take courses to keep my G.A.-ship and while I do my comprehensive exams, but now they can be any courses I want How cool is that? Of course, being me, the courses I am thinking of for next semester are one on machine learning algorithms (it's relevant to language, I promise), acoustic phonetics, and the physiology of speech. So it comes out about the same. But now it's MY choice to take those same courses. It's almost enough to make me think I might one day leave this program. Discounting that whole dissertation thing, of course. You know, if I knew what my dissertation topic was, I could in theory be ABD (All But Dissertation) by the end of this year. Maybe I should work on that.


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