Thursday, April 06, 2006

Almost got beaming down (paca)

I have been going through an old notebook of mine. Perhaps the defining feature of it is an inability to stay on one topic for more than a few pages. Instead there are recurring themes which come and go. Stories, a 1 day long diary, song fragments, budgets and schedules frequently drawn up but never adhered to. On one page I apparently decided to work on teleportation. This is how it went:

Problem: My body and mind must move from one location in space over a distance which takes time to a second location.

Possible solutions:

1) Merge locations
2) Get rid of distance
3) Get rid of time
4) Shorten distance
5) Shorten time
6) Recreate my body in location 2
7) Move my body to location 2
8) Wait for location 2 to come to you

Apparently, I was just trying to work through the logical possibilities, but had no more thoughts on how to handle simple tasks like "get rid of time". So I moved on:

Could move conventionally very quickly
Conventional solution:Let's say goal is to circle earth in 10 minutes. Would need to move... 25,000 miles / 600 seconds = 41 miles per second.

Speed of light equals 386,000 miles per second, so the ratio of 41 over 386,000... Some long division = .000106c.

Just barely over 1/10,000 of the speed of light; not too fast on a cosmic scale.

Some more issues:

going that fast - propulsion
going that fast in orderly manner - system
surviving the acceleration ==> this is the biggest problem.

Solutions to acceleration problem:

decrease acceleration
decrease forces exerted by acceleration
increase our ability to withstand acceleration

Need to discover the causes of G force, what safe limits are, what exactly it does to us

And that, dear readers, to borrow a phrase, is as far as I got. I do remember images of some sort of vacuum tubes to eliminate friction that went over or through the oceans. They basically functioned to get you from one continent to another, but after that, well, I guess you had to take the bus. Of course, vacuum tubes have nothing to do with teleportation. It's just an idea to move really fast. I don't know why in about one hour's thought I couldn't solve all these problems with my one class in Intro Physics. The next page, of course, switches topics and only says this:

A history book which gave a realistic picture of our history; tried to show development all over the world; time loosely proportional to space in the book.

I still carry this idea around in my head actually. The idea is to get an idea of what it was like to live on planet earth on a daily basis, not focusing on brief, important flashes, but what it was like to live. I sometimes wondered if a third of the book would have to be devoted to sleeping. Following this, well, I can't say exactly what it was in public, but it's a story. From the time when I was writing this, I think N was away in Seattle and I was in Tennessee. I will say no more on that. Then we get to "Curriculum for Machine Translation" with a list of courses in various fields.

Can we say attention deficit disorder?

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