Monday, April 03, 2006

Bad poetry - mine (paca)

For various reasons I have been thinking about my old friend Welly from high school, whom I wrote about in the post below this one. We were only real friends for one year - 10th grade - in which Welly had the amazing fortune to hear my love poetry. Ahem. Yes, fortunate it was. I think I only wrote one, and I have forgotten the entire thing except one line:

"Your existence pervades my being."

Ahhh, I am in love already. I don't know what it means except that it is highly pretentious and shows a complete lack of perspective on a high school crush. It also says "over-educated" to me and is something I have been trying to get out of my writing ever since. Anyway, it is a reminder why I do not write poetry. Unfortunately, this horrible-ness in poetics has extended into almost any attempt to write music lyrics. I started a song several years back that I still remember a fragment of. Here you go. Line 1:

How can you be hurt by someone when they didn't hurt you?

OK. Actually, not too bad. Perhaps a little long, but you know, not bad. I mean it's not catchy, but I'm not embarassed. Yet. Line 2:

The separation of active and passive is so complete and true.

Holy crap, that's awful. I've been giggling all day long about how awful that is. I wasn't even in Linguistics then and I was trying to boil love down into grammatical structures. Shudder.

I did write, I think, three complete songs once in college, which I recorded on tape for N as a birthday present, complete with guitar accompaniment. I still thank N for not playing it very often. N, please don't read this and get nostalgic. Please. Or at least don't play them for me and smile. I'm not strong enough to take it.

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J said...

Your courage in sharing the "active and passive" line is commendable.

Was the title, "Don't leave me like a participle dangling"?