Monday, April 17, 2006

Honolulu Festival

The Honolulu Festival is a festival put on by Japanese Airlines and the City of Honolulu to celebrate the connection between Japan and Hawaii. As mentioned before some one quarter of the population of Hawaii is Japanese by descent, so there is such a connection. Of course, the Festival is no great tradition for 100 years. It’s a way to get thousands of Japanese tourists here for a week. That said, I find the festivities to be a lot of fun. There are displays and shows in the Convention Center. Here are a couple pictures from that.

The dancing deer drum guys.

This is a traditional hula with the dancers wearing traditional Japanese clothing.

And here are the men in traditional Hawaiian clothing. You don’t see this too much nowadays except on stage.

There’s also a parade through Waikiki. Isn’t there always? Here are some of those.

I have no memory of what this group was doing, but I like the blue outfits and the white streak on the nose.

Hula has become very popular in Japan for some reason. Much of the festival is Japanese hula schools come to show their stuff.

You can see with the pictures that hula is big among older Japanese women, but I assume there are some young people doing it, too.

A giant flag.

And here are the deer guys again.

And again.

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Cool beans. Thanks for sharing those photos.