Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Blogger Reading Group? (paca)

I am in a never ending quest to over commit myself, and so I now have a new proposal which will assist in this if anyone is interested. Llama earlier remarked on the person who is blogging their first reading of the Bible on Slate. A romance author, Brenda Coulter, whose blog I read (see link on the right) also commented on this yesterday. With such inspiration, I am suggesting to all of you that we create an online blog reading group and work through some cool book. We would all read this book, maybe a chapter a week, and then have one team blog for discussion. Any takers?

I had in mind some book that you always had an interest in reading but never got around to it. Ideally something, like the Bible, where you can read 5 pages and have a lot to talk about. It could be religious or philosophical or political or moral or whatever we agree on. It could be fiction or nonfiction, as long as there is something worth talking about. It might be nice to find something we are all equally ignorant on so that one person isn't the teacher, but whatever people think is cool works for me.

Any takers? If so, maybe comment here first so that others can see if there is interest. I am proposing this with a couple readers particularly in mind, but I won't put you on the spot. So let me know.



Killer Llama said...


The prospect of committing to read a book and be prepared for discussion seems like to much of a committment. Llama doesn't like committment.

Perhaps we could start out smaller, with an artical, scientific study, or short story?

pacatrue said...

I'm good with that. How about we make it: "Would you like to read any interesting words and discuss them as a group? Length to be determined with words read."

-E said...

i think i would be interested... i have never been in a book club, but have been interested in joining one. i don't think the bible would be good for me personally cause i have had ALOT of bible study... and i do mean ALOT... i did take 4 semesters of biblical hebrew in addition to lots of other related classes.

there are so many books i have never read though, like 1984 or half of the books regularly assigned as summer reading in highschool.

pacatrue said...

Woo-hoo. e, you were the person I exactly had in mind but wasn't calling out. OK, let's see if we can get a couple more on board.

kristybox said...

I love 1984, but can quote much of it from memory, so it's probably not the best choice. (But totally worth reading!)

But I'm game. I'll even read something that totally not my style, if someone wants. But it must be at least modern English. No Beowolf. Bad Beowolf. Beowolf must die.

-E said...

so, did you have a book in mind?
what's the criteria? fiction/non-fiction? recent/classic? can we have read the book before, as long as we are "ignorant" on the subject?