Sunday, May 14, 2006

John Gibson is a silly, silly man but does that make him a racist? (Llama)

I've been a long time reader of Media Matters, but as they've grown in prominence I think they are losing their credibility. Which is a shame, because we need organizations like them to debunk the misinformation foisted upon us by those who are "factually impaired." But organizations like Media Matters can only function if they maintain their credibility; otherwise they become the exact thing that their opponents try to paint them to be: a biased smear factory. Case in point, this article:

Gibson: "Make more babies" because in "[t]wenty-five years ... the majority of the population is Hispanic"

Now, if you are a like I am, this headline seems to claim that Gibson wants white people to have more babies so that the US remains majority caucasian. The problem is that, while the article cited does reveal Gibson to be a demagogue who is completely ignorant of demographics and even basic math, it does not reveal him, at least overtly, to be a racist.

That sentence never appears in his article. "Make more babies" is in a completely different paragraph than the phrase "Twenty-five years and the majority of the population is hispanic." In fact, while there is a subtext of racism, the fact is that when Gibson writes that "we need more babies", he is referring not to whites but to the entire US population... so that we don't end up like Russia with a population decrease of 33% within 45 years. He specifically singles out hispanics for already "doing their part."

I think Media Matters has nailed Gibson's intent, but they did it dishonestly.

P.S. Defending Gibson is giving me acid-reflux.

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