Monday, May 22, 2006

Link from Funjackals (Llama)

Here's an unusual link I found at Funjackals, reposted here for those of you that don't read his blog: An Apology From a Bush Voter.

I've also added Funjackal's link down there on the right.

I think this guy hits it pretty well, although I do see him propagating the RNC spin that current Washington corruption is a problem for both parties, while the reality is that by far the majority of scandals this season is in only one party. Which makes sense, because why would you try to bribe a democrate? Democrats don't control anything! Of course, leave it to our dear Louisiana congressman to try to even the score.

I also see him laying into Gore a bit. I know I'm on the losing side of this argument, but I really don't get the anti-Gore rhetoric that alot of people propagate. I think, in the end, Gore has been more damaged by Clinton's philandering than Clinton has. Gore is a very, very smart man who knows foreign policy as well as anyone in Washington, and he isn't afraid, at least now that he's out of office, to say what he thinks. Don't we always complain about the amount of double talk and equivocation that comes out of politicians mouths?

Hm, I guess I can understand it a little bit if I replace Gore in my thoughts with, say, Pat Buchannon. He says what he thinks too, I just can't stand his ideas. Perhaps the same is true with conservatives and Gore... his pro-environmental messages may be just be too far left.
To me they are sensible, but, I suppose if you are pre-disposed to not trust him then it may all be too much. I just hope we can get someone elected president in 2008 that knows what the hell they are doing from the get-go so that they don't have to spend their first term learning how to not conduct foreign affairs. McCain or Clinton seem to meet that criteria... I doubt Frist is up to the task, and he is too far right for me.

I wander, don't I?

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