Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mochi balls! (paca)

It's funny how environment can change your eating habits. Three years ago, if someone had asked me, "hey, paca, you want a seaweed flavored mochi peanut ball?" I would likely have responded, "Would I what?" But now I can say, "yes, please."

I had a massive number of hits yesterday and there were a couple reasons why. First, Jill linked my way since she too is in exam hell and her kind, but silent friends all headed my way. Secondly, I mentioned the words "naked women", "pictures", and "sex" in a blog entry. So I've had a slew of people looking for pictures of naked women here reading about the hypothalamus and subject pools. I'm shocked that no one chimed in with their own tale of EEG imaging madness.

For the life update, I have two papers done and one to go. I am doing everything I can, well except for writing it since I am spending time on my blog apparently, to finish the complete draft tonight. Then I can edit and turn in tomorrow. That will put a wrap on the semester, though I will still be doing my job. Also, N's mom is coming in to Hawaii for a conference next Wednesday. They will be our first actual visitors here in the two years. So, go, them. This means that I will be cleaning the house like a mad man for the next few days. When they leave, it's back into class with French. Ahh, vacation, I hardly knew thee.


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BillyBobJimJack said... have found the secret of internet blogging; sex, naked women, and more sex! I doubt anyone came to your site to look at EEG's or discuss the results of them. I think that in all my future blogs I will mention; sex, naked women, and sex! Perhaps I will even throw in Hawaii. That will get me a couple of extra hits.

Good luck with the French (oooh, sex, naked women, and French...the possibilities are endless.)