Tuesday, May 23, 2006

More DaVinci Code

Here is an interesting article from Slate on "fallacies" in the DaVinci Code.

Be sure to read the two comments down at the bottom... one of them directly rebuts points asserted by the author in the article.

I'm a little surprised at the amount of negativity this story is getting (by the way I've seen the movie, it's mediocre). For me, apart from the censorship issue, nothing in the story is personal; I don't feel my world view threatened or reaffirmed in anyway. But perhaps that isn't true for others.

A quote of Clinton that is running on CNN these days is "In politics as in life, we must take the facts as we find them." I think that when we have an unshaking faith in an idea, we tend to only take the facts that we find support that idea. Case in point, the two different views of gnosticism presented in that Slate link (one in the article, the other in the comment).

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