Sunday, May 14, 2006

My Very Own City of Angels (Llama)

3 sounds common to Bangkok but not NYC:
  1. Rooster crows
  2. Elephant trumpets
  3. "Hellooooo! Massaaaaaaaage???"
3 sounds common to NYC but not Bangkok
  1. Air brakes
  2. Show tunes
  3. "Hey, you want some flowers? Rose? Carnation? Weed?"


John said...

I about wasted Community coffee by spitting it all over my wife's monitor when I read "Hellooooo! Massaaaaaaaage???" Outstanding. In fact, I going to use it in one of my blog entires in the hope of starting a new meme. I understand that you may question the need for Yet Another Annoying Intarweb Catchphrase, but "Hellooooo! Massaaaaaaaage???" beats "All your base" any day of the week.

At least in my book.

Killer Llama said...

I suppose it may be more comical when heard less freqently :)