Thursday, May 04, 2006

Nike running club and a meme

There's a Niketown store about 3 blocks from our apartment, and they have a running club on Wednesdays. I have wanted to join for almost the two years I have been here, and I finally did it tonight. I strapped on my old Nike Pegasus running shoes from marathon days where the sole is falling off one of them, put B in the jogging stroller, and walked over there just before 6:00.

I liked it. Pretty low key thing. They have some silly sales gimmicks, but not too bad. You can keep a running chart there with them that you fill out each time you run. After 100 miles, I get a t-shirt. Then they have various routes, starting at 2 miles, and up to 7 something, I think. Since I haven't run in a year at least, B and I did the two miles. You start off together, but you can do whatever pace pleases you. I may have been the only person jogging with a stroller, but there was one pair walking with a stroller, and another mother with an infant strapped to her chest. I surprised myself that, except for some stops for red lights and getting new toys out for B, I was able to run the whole way. The best part though was the return where they had a little plate for you with pineapple, orange, watermelon, and a bagel fragment, plus a bottle of water.

ABC Meme from Errant Apostophes (Katze) and Yellow Snapdragons (Jill)

Accent: Basically, Mainstream American English with some remaining hints of Louisiana, such as in certain vowels. For instance, pin and pen rhyme for me.

Booze: I don't drink often, but I like things where the alcohol is covered somehow. Amaretto sour, margaritas, long island iced tea sometimes. And I had one non-bitter beer once. Wish I remembered it's name. Truth is I am too cheap for alcohol and would rather spend the money on an appetizer.

Chore I Hate: Ironing.

Dog or Cat: Dog, I guess.

Essential Electronics: I guess I do get on a computer everyday. I'm coming to enjoy my I-Pod nano my father gave me.

Favorite Cologne: Obession, not that I even own any right now.

Gold or Silver: Whatever.

Hometown: Winnsboro, LA

Insomnia: Only when I am away from home or really excited about something. Like that tense/subject thing last semester.

Job Title: Graduate Assistant

Kids: 3 year old son

Living Arrangements: 1 bed room apt with spouse and offspring

Most Admirable Traits: Never intentionally belittles another. Unintentionally is another matter.

Number of States Lived In: Uhh... six. LA, MS, TN, NJ, MN, HI. Does 6 weeks in Austin count? How about 4 months in Tianjin Autonomous District?

Overnight Hospital Stays: yes. some bug in 5th grade and pneumonia in 9th grade. I also slept on a lot of couches and pullouts during the pregnancy.

Phobias: None, but I have begun to really dislike flying. I drove from Nashville to Toronto for business trips. However, it looks like I am going from Hawaii to Montreal in June, so I'll be flying again.

Quote: Wherever you go, there you are.

Religion: Entertaining all, convinced by none.

Siblings: 1 bro, 1 sis, and 5 step sisters. If you count the inlaws that brings in 5 more brothers. B has 8 grandparents. All the steps came in while I was an adult.

Time I Wake Up: 7:00ish

Unusual Talent or Skill: I can snap my fingers in the Lone Ranger rhythm. Snap, snap, clap. It took practice. I can also whistle blowing air in or out.

Vegetable I Love: How about corn in cornbread that is not on my current diet? Otherwise, artichokes. Not those marinated heart ones; the real thing.

Worst Habit: Goofing off, then making up for it with insanely long hours. Like now.

X-rays: Yes. And now I am a superhero. I can make people fall asleep just from reading my blog.

Yummy Foods I Make: Cheese grits, bi bim bop, crepes of various sorts.

Zodiac Sign: Virgo


kristybox said...

Accent: South Louisiana, but with 15 years of trying to sound like Mainstream American instead

Booze: Strawberry Ninfarita or anything with Kahlua and coffee. About four times per year. With a designated driver. Never beer. Ever. And no shots since that one time. And no more orange juice mixed with anything. Ever again.

Chore I Hate: Cleaning anything.

Dog or Cat: Neither.

Essential Electronics: Palm.

Favorite Cologne: I would never use perfume. It's just so...fake.

Gold or Silver: Silver. Unless I'm wearing brown.

Hometown: Lutcher, LA

Insomnia: Rarely, but always before a big "test" of any kind.

Job Title: Attorney/Boss/Owner

Kids: Two month old baby boy, currently sleeping on the floor, usually near the computer on the floor

Living Arrangements: 2 bedroom apt with hubby and son, but buying a house in teh next two months

Most Admirable Traits: Means well almost all the time, even when I screw up royally

Number of States Lived In: Only Louisiana

Overnight Hospital Stays: Three time. January 1975 (the day I was born), March 2006 (the day my son was born), one week later (when my heart failed)

Phobias: Not following the rules.

Quote: It was a place where you could take a handful of rocks, throw them up in the air, and watch them turn into butterflies.

Religion: Recently unlapsed Roman Catholic, with some reservations and a very open mind

Siblings: 3 little sisters, ages 21-30

Time I Wake Up: 7:30 or later

Unusual Talent or Skill: Excellent Minesweeper scores

Vegetable I Love: Tomatoes (Yes, yes, they are technically a fruit. Blow me.)

Worst Habit: Saying what I think when I really need to censor myself for the object of my thought's sake. D'oh.

X-rays: Tons. Especially at the dentist.

Yummy Foods I Make: Carrot stew, snap beans, breakfast

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn (actually fits, too!)

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