Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Of music and men (Llama)

Despite the fact that he has told me many times, and blogged about it extensively, I continue to be befuddled about what, exactly, our Paca is learning over there in Hawaii. But my best guess is that it has something to do with what's in this article from reuters:

Hominid's cave rave-ups link music and language


pacatrue said...

Cool article, llama. I do not do archeaology, but I do do music and language, so it is right up my alley. It would be nice to look at his book one day to see if it is just speculation, or if it's good. Thanks for the link.

-E said...

hey llama, are you ever coming back to the states again? not for a visit, but you know, for school or whatever...

Killer Llama said...


By "whatever" I assume you mean at least semi-permanantly. If so, the answer is "probably." I'm in this job till November. What happens after that is anybody's guess.

I have to admit the current political climate is not attractive... I really don't like the level of intolerance that seems to be percolating through the country right now.

Where are you and Phillip, anyway? Did you make your move?

naughtyloki said...

Move? How did you hear about a move and not me?

-E said...

well sort of. phillip quit his job and we will hopefully open our new studio in about a week and half... but here in the big BR. business really picked up post katrina... all those New Orleanians i guess.

wait which country's political climate..., US or Thailand?

Killer Llama said...

So what happened with... Kansas City, was it? Did that fall through, or did you decide you just didn't want to make the move, or what?

About October of last year E and P were getting ready to purchase a studio out of state (Kansas City, I think). I thought it was all but done, but apparently not!

And, yes, the political climate in the US, E. Realistically speaking, things aren't much different here. But it's easier to feel disconnected from it all over here. And Thailand isn't building any big fences, either!