Wednesday, May 17, 2006

paca in time (paca)

We have been doing spring cleaning of the apartment because N's mom arrives tomorrow. In the process, I discovered a series of old photos lying around. This is also the 1 year anniversary of paca as a serious, or at least relatively consistent, blogger. So in memoriam (hee hee) I have added a pictorial review of paca as he has developed unto today. It would be ideal if I could start with a baby pic or something, but it looks like all the old photos are in a warehouse in the Boro. Therefore we have to start in late high school. Captions are under the picture.

I think this one is late high school. I am guessing 1989. That's actually the llama's old truck. Am I helping him move some stuff to LSMSA? Am I helping him take some stuff from his T-Tom's house? I don't know. I assume llama is the photographer.

This is June 1990, because this is high school graduation. I would be 16. The other guy with the cool hair is Steve and the woman is the theatre director. We are in front of the seal of the prep school that I have already discussed. Virtus Semper Viridis - Virtue Always Growing. What's up with the jacket? My sense of humor. Chris and I decided to find the ugliest jackets we could for the grad ceremony. Mine might be from the Salvation Army. We had some illusion that we were continuing a plaid tradition, but I think we were just annoying our parents.

1993. College days. I would have been 19 and my sister there would have been 13. She looks older than me there, doesn't she? I had spent the earlier fall semester in China and purchased my great Mao cap on the Great Wall. I bought it as a piece of kitsch to make fun of the collapse of Maoist China. My father was pretty sure it was a sign of my imminent conversion to communism.

Saying hello to a local in Ketchikan, Alaska. I don't really know when this is. I'm guessing 1996 or so. When my grandmother was getting older and in worse health, she couldn't walk much, but she still wanted to see us kids and do something interesting. The result was a series of cruises that she took the family on. Alaska was the first.

The next Bond? June 20, 1998. Wedding day.

My mother got remarried in Inverness, Scotland. Why? Because it's freaking Scotland! She even got her Texan dentist husband to wear a kilt for the ceremony. N and I travelled around afterwards. I think this is St. Andrews. Why the pose? Because, you see, about 7-8 years earlier, there was a silly sign in China with a figure in that pose with the big Circle X across it. Therefore, we have a series of pictures of us doing the illegal pose. Apparently, I had no new ideas for rebellion 7 years later and was repeating the in-joke.

Also, in Scotland. This time in Edinburgh, probably, in front of the Scottish philosopher David Hume. I love how the sculptor put the actually stuffy, staunchy Hume in a toga and removed about 150 pounds from him.

This is the Bermuda cruise, I think. Some time in between my masters in philosophy in 1996 and before... today. I know it is after the M.A. because I am wearing the Sheraton Casino shirt. When I was a grad student, the last time, I worked at Victor's serving pizza. Our pizza shop owner apparently gambled away all profits from the restaurant at the casino in Tunica, MS. Therefore, when the shop closed, he took us all to the casino for the evening, where we had $100 to blow in the gift shop, due to his high rollingness. This shirt was my gift. The tie is actually from my Dad who got it in Thailand. There was once a slim chance of a Thai company opening a garment plant in the Boro, and my father and a couple others, somehow, ended up going to Thailand to try to persuade them. This was before we had the llama living there. What you should take from all this is that I rarely purchase my own clothing.

Here we are getting more recent. N created a little picture book for B to look at so that he would know what all his relatives look like. We don't see them much out in the ocean here. This is me, B, and my mom, visiting them in Virginia. This is Christmas, 2003. B would be 11 months and he still gives this look to people he's not too sure about.

B and I at the 4th of July parade in Spring Hill, TN, in 2003 as well. If you are wondering why N is never in these pics, it's 1) because she's taking them and 2) I haven't run posting her pic online by her yet.

And here we are about 2 weeks ago. This is my Field Methods class. I only have one Hawaiian shirt, so I had to wear it for the semi-formal occasion. Ironically, that Hawaiian shirt was purchased at Target in Nashville, not in Hawaii.

There you go. From 15 to 32.


sr said...

that stuff in the back of the truck in the 1st picture is my furniture-- were you helping Tom drive my things to baton rouge?

pacatrue said...

Good question. We will have to see if the llama remembers. I don't remember where this truck went after it was loaded. Were you moving to BR in the late 80s or early 90s?

Killer Llama said...

Good stuff, Paca.

I answer to the question about the loot in the truck, that is definately my sister's stuff, not mine. We would have been moving her to BR, or possibly that little yellow house she lived in, behind the Diary Queen.

I suspect some people that know me now are suprised to learn I ever had a truck. Don't worry, it was a small one, and it was given to me so I didn't have a choice in the matter. The first car I owned in which I had any decision making power was a sports coupe. Whew, order restored to the universe.

pacatrue said...

Don't forget the pink amigo, llama. Ahh, the pink amigo. Actually, I have a picture here of you at about 12. I await your permission to post it.

Fun, fun.

Killer Llama said...

Go ahead and post whatever strikes your fancy.

J said...

Thanks for posting those, Paca. You look fabulous.

kristybox said...

Lllama has a T-Tom? No more teasing me about being T Box (or the slightly modified B Box) from you, llama!

And thank god you finally posted pics of yourself, Paca. If one more person asked me if you were Hawaiian...;).

McKoala said...

Less hairy than I expected.

Yup, that's St Andrews.

sylvia said...

These are great!