Friday, May 19, 2006

Quotes, God, and Other People (paca)

Kristybox had a very nice section in a recent comment on this blog, which went thus:

"I think I only had absolute belief for one minute, and that was the first time I held Ander. It was fleeting, and unintelligent, and I'm not sure I can ever recapture it. It was like a glimpse of what I cannot have."

The only time I have ever truly believed in God or at least I really wished God existed and that there was heaven and all that was at in 10th grade, when my grandfather died. I liked the man and for just a flash I wanted him to go to Heaven. I wanted there to be more for him and not have death just be an end. This reminds me of the big question of the Meaning of Life. I think it is very easy to question one's own self worth. To question whether or not you yourself have any purpose in life. To think that it wouldn't matter one bit whether or not we ceased to exist. But it is very difficult to think this way about someone else that you care about - a child, a spouse, a parent. It seems perfectly obvious that the Loved One has some purpose, that they add value to the world. I guess we have to go on faith that someone thinks this is obvious for us as well.

To continue the quote trend, I just came across this passage from A.A. Milne's novel Two People. The protagonist is a first time author, Reginald Wellard, a man who is completely smitten with his perfect wife, Sylvia. His novel, which has become the rage of London unbeknownst to him, was published by Mr. Pump, a very Dickensian name for a swindler publisher who is taking far more than his fair share of the profits. Here's the bit:

"It would be nice to be certain of a God; not for myself, but for other people. 'God bless my darling Sylvia, and keep her safe' - well, I say it now, and oh! God, I mean it with all my heart, and it's the only prayer I ever want You to consider. No it isn't, here's another one. 'May she always go on loving me.' Oh Lord, that doesn't end it: "May I always go on loving her' - that's the important one. We can put those two into one if You like: May we always go on loving each other. There! And if You like, Pump can swindle me. I don't mind...."

Or as the first line of Dean Martin's Ain't That a Kick in the Head goes:
"How lucky could one guy be
I kissed her and she kissed me."

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kristybox said...

I wrote that, didn't I? I did, but I never knew that I could actually express what I was thinking until I reread it quoted. Wow. Maybe college did me some good.