Monday, May 01, 2006

Weight Change (paca)

So as revealed here a couple months ago, I put myself on a low carb diet that for about a week and a half was just me making it up. Then N and I went on the official South Beach Diet together. This includes a 2 week no carb phase 1, then a supposedly weight-loss-generating phase 2, with some carbs (fruit and whole grain stuff). I guess we are in Phase 2 now. It's been working fairly well. Over a couple months, I have lost around 13 pounds or so, which is great. Now, this is nothing like the 7-13 lbs that they promise in Phase 1 alone, but I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

You know, I think that might actually be how you use that idiom, but I still don't know what it means.

So, after losing this weight, it seemed like I was getting close to my goal, which has always been 175 pounds. I kind of pulled that number out of... a hat, but it seemed a good one.

However, following links on blogs, I took this quiz that estimated my weight should be 160. I am 5'10". That seems rather low. I only weighed 145 when I got out of college at 20, and I was thin as a rail.

Then last night I got screwed up even more by weighing myself on a different scale (put a quarter in, get your weight). And instead of weighing 177, which is what the bathroom scale here says, it went for 190 or so. That's where I thought I started.

So now I no longer know how much I actually do weigh or how much I should weigh. Being moderate me, I am going to split the difference and claim I currently weigh 184 and that my goal should be 170. It's still annoying, because in a couple days I have gone from being 3 pounds off my target to 14.

I won't complain though. I was going over 215 not more than a couple years back. So whichever works for me.


Christopher Robin said...

Good work losing the weight you have. The scientist in me suggest you get a known weight and calibrate your bathroom scale. An easy way would be to get on the scale record the weight and then get on the scale again with a known weight of 10-20 pounds (not measured by the scale) in you arms and see what the new weight is. If it's properly calibrated it should go up by that weight.

Though you probably know this hydration also plays a big factor in how much you weigh. I know that my body weight can fluctuate by ~5 pounds depending on how hydrated I am.

naughtyloki said...

My weight has fluctuated by a great degree in the increase direction only. I thought I needed to lose some weight, but now I'm thinking that I'm using the wrong scale. Of course, I may just be over-hydrated.

I've heard that the "gift horse" idiom stems from the need to check the teeth of a horse in order to verify age and health. Therefore looking a gift horse in the mouth would be akin to biting a gold coin which someone gave you as a present. Impolite. I'd probably do it anyway, but I'm not exactly sure what to check for in either case.

kristybox said...

AlanBox lost 130 pounds and weighed about 175 at 6' 2" (Sammy -correct me if the numbers aren't exactly right), and one of his doctors said, great, now lose some more. CRAZY!!! But he didn't, and still looks hot. (Well, I think he looks hot and I'm pretty sure naughtyloki has a crush on him...)

Kristin said...

Personally, I always go with the 'clothes fit test' over the actual poundage on the scale. I don't know if I am a muscle-type woman or what, but I was in boot camp many years ago. After 2 months of doing crazy amounts of exercise and not eating as much as usual, I lost only THREE pounds. But I was probably 1 or 2 sizes smaller in the clothes department. What really burned me was that some of the other girls lost 15 or 20 pounds. What the hell is that about??

So, I think I just build muscle very quickly. I don't know. That is why I have been using the scale very rarely over the years...

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