Friday, June 30, 2006

Fiiii-yaaa Fiiii-yaaaa

That's fire to all of you who are funkily challenged.

Well, we had some excitement here on Wednesday night. I have gotten quite good at ignoring pretty much any yelling that goes on outside our windows because it seems some drunk person is always yelling out there. So last night as I was also trying to ignore B's repeated calls for water from his bed (he'd already gotten some 4 drinks; it's a tactic to get someone in the room when he doesn't want to sleep) N jumped out of bed and started throwing clothes and shoes on. Apparently she was reacting to someone discussing a fire outside our window. I only reacted to N.

Turns out the roof on the building next to us was on fire and by the time my shoes were on we had the first fire truck out there. The fire may have already been out because someone was spraying up there with a hose, according to N, before the truck arrived. The fire was taken seriously though, so that the fire hydrant was hooked up to the truck, hoses were out, police cordoned off the street, etc. We got B up, since he was sitting up anyway while sirens and lights and voices went off outside his open window, and took him out to watch the trucks. He of course thought it all a blast.

The firemen wandered around and the police did things. Of course, no one ever spoke to us, but then we do only live in the building next door. After about an hour of flashing lights and hose prepping, the firemen were detaching the hose from the hydrant and seemed to be closing up shop. I asked someone who lived in the building that was briefly on fire the verdict, and he told me that it had been chalked up to a bird taking a cigarette to the roof.


There are several tall apartment blocks all around with us and our adjacent building being only two stories. One of the near buildings is over 30 and it's been very windy in the last couple days. The more logical thing to us was that someone tossed a cigarette butt into the wind from their balcony on floor 25. But who knows? About an hour and a half after it all started, we were in our apartment, the fire trucks and police where gone, and B was asleep.

In other news, I have finished three full novels this summer, two by A.A. Milne and the one I just finished 15 minutes ago being HP and the Half-Blood Prince. I declare that Snape is still innocent. Feel free to join the fray. OK, innocent is strong, but he's still on the right side. Reviews of all books likely to follow soon. And, yes, this does mean that I haven't caught up yet with Alice. I had HP to finish!


-E said...

i am letting myself be taken on the journey with regards to snape. only Mr. Rowling knows what is in his heart, so, i'll wait for the story to play out.

Sammy Jankis said...

Hey man, never underestimate nature. When a bird needs a smoke, he needs his smoke.