Friday, June 02, 2006

Royalty in Love or Lust, whatever (paca)

I just saw this little news blurb on Yahoo. Apparently, Monaco's Prince Albert is unmarried and the father of at least two "illegitimate" children. Apparently, many others have made such claims but they haven't been recognized yet. Since he isn't actually married, does this mean that he cannot possibly have legitimate children? So if he begets 50 kids but never marries, he has no children still legally?

Anyway, it seems he met the mother on the Cote d'Azur back in 1994, when he would have been in his early 30s. I'm just wondering, how do princes meet women? Does he just hang out on the beach, see someone cute, and walk up to her saying, "hey, you know I own this place?" Isn't everyone watching the Prince when he says hello? Granted, I wouldn't know Prince Albert from anyone else, but you would think that he's got bodyguards or hangers-on of some sort. He's a Prince. So what this means is that he's got 15 people watching him each time he approaches someone. Talk about pressure. Or does he not need to approach people at all? Is he more like a rock star where the managers go out and find 5 cute groupies for the backstage party? And finally, being the ruler of a wealthy principality, can't he afford a pack of Trojans?

I'd hate being a prince, I think. I'd rather date attractive women than be royal or rich. The only good reason to be royal is if it helps in dating. I guess Albert's royal and gets around regardless. But I don't think I'd be up for having 50 people watch me as I try to buy someone a drink.


kristybox said...

Paca innocently asked: "Since he isn't actually married, does this mean that he cannot possibly have legitimate children?"

I only know the answer for societies with civil law, not common law, but here's the "legal" answer that most likely applies to your question.

The children of unmmarried individuals are born illegitimate. However, they can become legitimate (and therefore entitled to such things as inheritence and the rights of first of kin) through a process called legitimization, which in Louisiana at least (and likely most civil law jurisdictions) means marriage of the parents with acknowledgement of the child as theirs or a legal procedure to claim the child as one's own. BTW, if the parents just acknowledge the child, but never legitimate the child, the child gets some rights of legitimate children, but not all rights.

pacatrue said...

The latter seems to be what they are doing here. The two children so far are both recognized as his daughters, and are able to visit Monaco, but they are not put into the line of succession. Whether or not there is anyone in the line of succession, I don't know. Hmm... Is Prince Albert Grace Kelly's son?

-E said...

clearly paca, you do not keep up with royal gossip. prince albert is grace kelly's son and he is quite the playboy. he has a sister who has "legitimate" children who through their mom are set to inherit... i think they changed their laws for that, since if their is no heir to the thrown, monaco reverts back to france. i am pretty sure that Prince Al has said he will never marry thus ensuring that his sister's children inherit the principality.
although it sounds like Prince Al could marry one of his baby mamas and legitimize the child if he were so inclined and monaco is a civil law country.