Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What's the Paca doing? (paca)

In case anyone is wondering what I am up to in life, the answer is basically three things. First, I am taking French. I'm doing something weird, which is taking 101 and simultaneously sitting in 201. I could probably pass 201, but it would be a D or something, and I can't have that on the old record. But I have hopes of either taking 202 in second summer session or moving straight to 301 in the fall. I took 101 about 10 years ago and have no other background, really. Well, I sometimes talk to N in French and sing French children's songs. Secondly, I still have my job editing, which goes all summer. I have been swamped lately with prepping for the annual board meeting which this year is in Montreal. That's why I just booted the office computer up at 10:00 tonight. Finally, I didn't start a novel in the end, but I am writing short stories. I think that was option 4 that I asked people to vote on a few weeks back. Actually, I'm writing not stories but story. I have this one 80 page novella that I keep revising. It really is getting close though and I can move on soon. We will see. I hope that I will be nice and bored at the conference in Montreal, because it's not really my field, and can write or read or something.

In other news, since I will be away on Daddy's Day, we did Daddy's Day today. Oh, I should say that today was King Kamehameha Day, so today was a state holiday, and we just had a 3 day weekend. N cooked up a little eggs benedict sort of thing and I got a nice gift card to Border's and some Macadamia nuts. What more can a guy ask for?

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