Thursday, July 13, 2006

4.4 in 46 after 5

I've been doing the Nike Running Club for the past few months. It meets on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings at the Niketown just 3 blocks from our place. I started off with the 2 mile route. B is in his jogging stroller and reads books and eats raisins as we go. He has the better job I think. We both listen to Kool & the Gang on my iPod, because I only have two playlists so far on it - Kool & the Gang and Ladies of Jazz. Ladies of Jazz isn't great jogging music. I raised the mileage a couple weeks back to 3.75, and then tonight (Wednesday) B and I upped the ante again and did the 4.4 mile route around Magic Isle. Completed it in 46 minutes, which means I'm pretty much keeping my 10 minute mile speed. It's the first time I've gone over 4 miles since I did the marathon back in April of 2001. So, go me.

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Sexynerd9297 said...

go you, how about you are ASS-A-MOO (AMAZING), you are!!!!!! wow, i'm still sitting on my ass and have been for a year. i am sooo proud of you!!! yeah!!!!

do they have nike clubs ike this all over the place! do you think i could find one here in the big D? i need to find a bike club really, i have a bike again.

way to go bro! :-) :-)