Tuesday, July 18, 2006

B report (paca)

Before the B report, I will do my traditional llama report, which happens whenever he disappears for a long time like he has again. The report? Like always, I know as little as yourselves. I know that no one is looking in from Thailand, so I conclude he is off in Bangladesh or some such. If anyone knows more, feel free to say so.

B report.

So B is 3 and a half now, and it is enjoyable to see his growth.

Artistic B. We went to a used book sale last Friday night, and N and I took turns watching B while the other browsed. His favorite thing to do was jump up and down in a puddle outside. I took to picking up fallen plumeria flowers and throwing them at him. He would take the flower and toss it in another puddle nearby. As each flower fell on the pavement, he became more and more deliberate about their arrangement. The first couple were just tossed in the puddle. The next few were purposefully displayed stem-side up. Then when he liked the pattern, he would take each further flower and very carefully kneel by the puddle and place it appropriately inside. Before I could show N the creation, however, B decided it would be enjoyable to stomp on the artwork.

Creative storyteller B. B is really beginning now to make up stories and do classic kid's play. He will take a melody and put in new words about something that may or may not have ever happened. He will sit in his carseat and tell a story to himself or tell a story about the toy he is holding. It used to be simple comments about surroundings or very straightforward substitutions in known stories and songs. Now, he's really making them up.

Techie B. He figured out the mouse on the computer about a month or two ago, and so now at the wee age of 3, he can sit for half an hour at a computer and play games by himself. He uses the browser back button and hyperlinks. He can launch programs on N's Mac. He does online painting, Dr. Suess' ABCs, and YouTube.

Vocab B. B's vocab continues to grow. I haven't really calculated it out, but he's in the hundreds. This is right on track if not a little behind the curve for a normal child, so it's not a brag, just a comment. We counted out the animals he knows and we are around 60-70 now. Unfortunately, we have been watching lots of old He-Man, because N bought me the season 1 DVD set for Xmas. So his vocab includes, truly, He-man, Skeletor, Teela, Beastman, Sorceress, and Orko. Not a day goes by where he doesn't lift some long and pointy object in the air and say, "By the Power of Grayskull!"

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