Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bad family names (paca)

In the long post below (in the comments) Sammy and I talk geneology some. He reveals that he had a relative named after that illustrious president Martin Van Buren. I'm thinking: At least they didn't have a thing for Millard Fillmore. It made me remember some awesome/horrible names from my and N's families. I have ancestors with the given name of Eufrozine Sophronia. That's a killer name, no? This name was enjoyed enough that it was passed on for several generations of great grandmothers and aunts and such. However, I think N's family wins the prize with some distant, distant relative of hers whose lovely parents named her Disappointment.


Sammy Jankis said...

Ouch, that is harsh. And how do you shorten that? Dis?

N said...

This is the same family where the wife was hanged after it was decided she was possessed by evil spirits having tried to kill her baby. Other evidence included refusing to feed her family red meat. My dad actually dug up an folk song about the trial.

John said...

While I was in Minneapolis this week I learned that there was once a flour milling tycoon whose given name was "Cadwallader". Wow.