Friday, July 28, 2006

Fusion Cuisine 3: Flatbreads Inc.

This one is sort of a bridge from my culinary creations to the next series on paca's business ideas of the past.

Another idea I once had was a restaurant focused on all sorts of yummy things that start out flat. Some times I think of it as a full restaurant. Other times I think of it as a hole in the wall with a window for service or just a stand on the beach. It would serve all those breads and bread-like things that wrap things inside. Kind of like a wrap place, but closer to a creperie. And being Coke Fusion, of course, it involves items from around the world. Things to serve:

Crepes in all their variety - strawberry, chocolate, mushroom, asparagus, bacon...

Korean Jun - beef jun, scallion jun, shrimp jun (the last is different in that you put the shrimp in a blender and it goes into the batter itself).

Pitas - gyros, etc.

Jian Bing Guo Zi (Egg Unit) - the last is a specialty from Tianjin, China, where I did my semester 14 years ago now. It's mostly a breakfast item and it only comes from food stands. You make the thinnest pancake in the world - thinner than a crepe. Then you spread scrambled eggs across it just as thin. It all cooks in seconds. You then take a piece of yummy fried bread and wrap the bread in the egg crepe.

The idea is to focus on rather simple foods, each item only having a handful of ingredients. I actually still think about this one and contemplate researching how to do a food stand.

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