Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Grad school milestone number 2 (paca)

I hit a small milestone today in this doctoral process. It's not an actual requirement but it makes me proud nonetheless. Today, out of the blue with me doing nothing to encourage it or make it happen, an honest to god actual professor who is not affiliated with our university in any way emailed me to ask about one of my papers. OK, he asked about my only paper. This guy is big in my book, too. I know who he is. My papers always cite him. I almost attended (before I got cheap) a workshop of his last summer - just because it was him giving it. And today I get this email from him saying he saw the paper I have online and was it ever published? He also included a current manuscript of his because he thought it might interest me.

This doesn't mean anything, really, but it seems signficant to me. Now, IF he cites my paper in his at all, the odds are high that it will be of the form: "Drawing premature conclusions from highly speculative data, paca (2005) states something we have known to be false for years." But I don't care. It would be a freaking citation. Of me.

That's cool.

Oh, and for the record, milestone 1 was passing my prelim exams last January. Oh, and milestone 1.5 was finishing my ling coursework in May. Milestone 3, to be done this fall, is the great "working paper".

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