Saturday, July 29, 2006

How It All Started (paca)

By taking a look at the web stats for this blog, I just discovered that the original Dragnet City of Crime rap video is online at YouTube. You can watch the delicious 80s-ness here:
If I remember correctly, when the llama and I rehearsed our Dragnet dance at the age of 10 or so, I was Dan Akroyd and he was Tom Hanks.

The line after which this blog is name comes at 1:21 in the Video.

Have fun.

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Sammy Jankis said...

LOVE IT! I knew that I was familiar with goat skin pants from somewhere but hadn't made the connection. Embarrassingly, I was rather fond of that movie when it came out.

The funny thing about that video is that it looks like a couple of junior high students got together and choreographed it on their own, at least the rap part anyway. Ah, though I do fondly remember the when music videos were filled with big haired, choreographed dancing girls in uniform. What ever happened to those days?

Everytime I read the name of your blog though, I hear the lyrics to a song performed by a college band (whose CD I came into possession of through happenstance) named Rudy Booty.

"What are you gonna do with all the love, you're hiding in your underpants, maybe we could take 'em off and do a little naked dance, and touch me on my thing, you know you ain't the only one, to see my wicked wienie waving wild in the wind"

Except in my head I exchange underpants for goatskin pants.