Saturday, July 15, 2006

Paca the romantic? (paca)

A couple of you may have noticed one or two unusual links over on the right there. Well, at least unexpected links. One for instance is to Brenda Coulter's blog. She's an inspirational romance author, which is the subgenre of Romance that has a Christian theme to it. That might be odd because guys aren't supposed to read romance. And I've even confessed to not being Christian. So why have such a link? Well, the quick answer is just that she writes amusing stuff frequently on her blog, and that's pretty much the beginning and end of the explanation.

Beyond that, I've been exploring the worlds of writing and romance through blogs. In fact I just put a long comment up on one of the main Romance genre blogs, which I even have bookmarked, called Romancing the Blog. This is still a bit weird, because the truth is that I don't read Romance genre stuff really. I know who Nora Roberts and Jane Ann Krentz and Stephanie Laurens and such are, but I haven't successfully completed a book yet. I am currently powering my way through an erotic romance (for people who aren't following the romance publishing world, this is one of the hottest subgenres out there now and has gone very mainstream), though I am not sure I am going to make it, and I plan to blog about that one day. So I am not really a hidden Romance guy in that I don't read the genre.

But I am very much a romantic or a romance guy with a little r. My favorite book is The Count of Monte Cristo. If you've only seen the movie of a few years back, you may be thinking of a guy being beaten in jail a lot and then he gets out and has a lot of sword fights. In the actual book, the Count never gets in a fight at all. OK, there is almost a duel with pistols, but it is cancelled. Instead he slowly works his revenge through revealing secrets of shameful pasts and causing evil bankers to lose all their money. The revenge and the fabulous wealth are all cool, but they are nothing compared to the emotional climax of the book for me, which is when his lost love Mercedes reveals that she alone still recognizes him after he has become the Count and begs for him to spare her son's life. Heart palpitations already. I love her character so much I truly kept putting Mercedes in the baby name list if we had had a girl. Similarly, in another favorite book, the emotional climax is when the protagonist Roger Byam is taken off in chains never to see his beautiful Tahitian wife Tehani again. When I think back to that book, I think back to Byam swimming in a calm lagoon with Tehani. That's what the book is about.

So I guess this is just for the record that guys like romance just as much as women, but it seems you have to pitch it to us in a slightly different way than the Romance genre currently does.

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